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Phelan California isn't exactly in the middle of nowhere, but it can feel like it late at night after a day of sun and partying. Many people have realized the bummer of the drive home and have turned the cook-off into an over night event. This is by far the best way to enjoy the cook-off, so here are some of the options.

Curl up anywhere:
There are several thousand square feet of floor/patio as well several couches that are open to anyone that wants to make use of them. Just pull up a sleeping bag and you are set.

Pitch a tent:
The beloved 'tent city' is almost an event within the event. There is a corner of the property that becomes a campground, complete with a campfire and s'mores. This is great if you are looking for a place to crash, but still like some privacy. This is also a lot of fun, because it seems to be what the 'partiers' like to do.

Bring a motor home:
There is plenty of property to bring your own, or rent a motor home for the weekend.

Cruise America


El Monte RV

These two seem to have the best rates and are the most reliable, but there are many local rental companies, and private parties that rent RV's. This is really the most ideal accommodation. It is a lot more comfortable, and you can split the costs with several people. If you are looking for partners, let us know and we will get you in touch with each other.

Currently there are no hotel/motels in Phelan. If you would like to stay in one, your best bet would be to look in Victorville, a large highway city, with many places to stay. It is about 20 minuets away. If you are looking for a quainter weekend, look in Wrightwood, which is a small cozy mountain town about 10 minuets away. There are many small little bed and breakfast/inn type places there.

The best part of staying over night, besides not having to worry about the drive home that night, is the morning after when we all hang out, reminisce about the day before, and have a massive breakfast.

Flying in:
For those of you flying in, the best bet is to fly into either LAX or Ontario. If you fly into Ontario, you will be about 30-45 minutes from the cook-off. You can either rent a car, or if enough people fly into there, we can try and arrange for group transportation.

Most people fly into LAX and stay in the South Bay for a couple days. If you would like to stay in a hotel, Hermosa Beach has several to choose from. You can also pull up some floor space at the crash house. Just let us know your schedule.

Transportation to Phelan from South Bay:
Generally there is a large caravan to Phelan that leaves from Redondo Beach the Friday afternoon before the cook-off that anyone can join in.

Please take into consideration that it's a long drive. If you are only planning on staying the weekend and need transportation, please try to arrange your arrival flights on Thursday night or as early as possible on Friday morning. Please also arrange your departure flights for late Sunday or early Monday morning. This will give us time to get organized and get you back to LAX on time.

Of course if you have any other questions you can always just ask.

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