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Here are the updated details you will need for 2013:
  1. Date:
  2. Location:
  3. Times:
  4. Rules:
  5. Entry Contribution:
  6. What Else:


October 12th, 2013

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At La Posada de los Harris', Phelan, CA

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Check-in at 9am

Begin cooking at 11am

Finish cooking by 3pm

Judging at 3:30pm

Celebration till ?

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What are the rules:

Ok here they are:

All forms of chili are allowed with NO restrictions on ingredients or style.  The same goes for the Guac-a-thon all forms of Guacamole are allowed with NO restrictions on ingredients or style.

To prevent waste and storage issues please plan on making approximately two gallons of chili 

All food must be cooked onsite, meat and veggies can be precut but all the cooking must be done between 11am and 3pm on the 12th.

Judging will be held at approximately 3:30pm on the 12th, there will be two categories, one will be JUDGE'S choice, and the second will be PEOPLE'S CHOICE.

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Entry Contribution:

We ask that everyone entering the contest, contribute $10 to go towards the prizes (of course additional contributions will be accepted)

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What else to bring:

Please supply your own cooking equipment ie: Pots, pans, spoons, camp stove, knives, propane, table (if possible), etc...and remember to bring something to take home left overs.

You are welcome to bring any side dishes that compliment chili and guacamole such as chips, crackers, cheese, corn bread etc... and of course drinks.

We welcome and encourage any booths, decorations or themes that you want to decorate your area with (Please arrive early for decoration set up). There will be prizes for 'best booth'.

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