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Join us the weekend of October 12th, 2013 for
THE 14th!! Annual Harris Hot House Chili Cook-Off & Guac-A-Thon!!

happy hosts Starting back in the year 2000 Harris Hot House started to host a Chili Cook-Off & Guac-A-Thon. Originally it was intended to be a glorified pot luck for all the members of Harris Hot House, their friends and family who have long loved fiery foods... But really it was just an excuse to get everyone together and have a great time eating Chili and socializing...
In the years since this started, it has grown to become an event bigger than any of us could ever have imagined. Not only does it now attract hundreds of people from all over the country, there have even been people from places around the world!! lots of people
tent city Officially the actual cook-off is annually on the second Saturday of October, but many people have started to make it into a weekend event setting up a tent city, as well as bringing motor homes starting on Friday night and packing up on Sunday.
In order to get the full experience out of the event, we suggest you participate as a contestant in the cook-off or the guac-a-thon. This is not any official sanctioned chili cook-off, and you probably don't even know what a 'guac-a-thon' is (it's a guacamole 'cook-off'). Over the years we have added other categories including salsa and jello shots also!! This contest is more about having fun and enjoying time spent with good people. booths
dance After the cook-off and judging we make the natural transition into the celebration, which over the years has included live music, dancing, hot tubbing, games, and just about anything else you can think of...
and of course the weekend always includes large amounts of tequila!! Mark your calendars now for the second weekend in October and come out and join us!! See you then!! cheers
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