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It's amazing how much time and money go into hosting this event... We are not trying to make a profit, but we do ask if you have some extra cash and can help out please feel free to donate... all donations go back into the Cook-Off for things like T-Shirts, Prizes, Food, Beer, Entertainment, etc...

you can send monetary donations to:
(please make checks and money orders out to)

John or Linda Harris or to Johnathan Gupta

or online with secure paypal:

You can also help out by looking in your garage... there are lots of 'things' that we are always in need of... For example:

  • camp stoves
  • 6'-8' folding tables
  • large cooking pots
  • margarita machine
  • tents
  • 10'-15' travel trailer (can be in poor condition, as long as it moves)
  • sleeping bags
  • storage bins
  • chest style freezer
  • 'e-z up' shade kits
  • 8 old laptop computers
  • refrigerators
  • pa system
  • picnic tables
  • ice chests
  • anything else you can think of that may be interesting for a chili cook-off

Finally you can help out in a couple other ways like volunteering to help work on the 'prep weekends' (third weekend of every month). It can be a lot of manual labor, but it is also a lot of fun. We are also always looking for people to rent motor homes from for the weekend of the cook-off.

We thank you for any help you can give...

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