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The Fine Print:

Please remember, that even though this is a large event, you are still a house guest in John and Linda Harris' home. Please respect them, their animals and their property while you are a guest.

John and Linda can not be everywhere at once, so they have several other people that are assigned to be 'hosts'. If anyone identified as a host requests you to do something, or to leave they have the final say. No other host that you may know better will over rule another, so please don't try to go over any of their heads.

Since everyone who attends the Cook-Off must be over 18, we are all adults, and responsible for ourselves and our behavior.

Although unlikely, the following rules can be changed, forgotten, ignored and bent at the host's and only the host's will. After all it is our house, and we can pretty much do whatever we want.

Pets: Our dogs, Allie, Cinders, Otis, Lucy, Hannah, Sage, Clover and Gypsy as well as the rest of our pets including the birds are treated as family members. Treat them with the same respect you would treat your hosts. Anyone found harassing any of the animals will be escorted off the property immediately.

Parking: Please park with other people in mind. Regardless if you park inside or outside the main gate please pull all the way in and park straight so that others can park beside you. When you come in the main gate, please make sure the gate closes behind you and that the dogs did not get out. When driving on the property, drive slowly, and pay attention for the animals.

Photography: When you are on the property you are allowed to take pictures and video only if you agree to release unedited copies of all footage back to The Hot House with full rights of reproduction and you agree to not use any images for commercial use of any kind. You also consent to having your picture taken, in both still and video, which may be used in the future for print or web. Basically, if you take a picture let us have an unedited copy, and if you don't want your mom to see you doing something she may not approve of, you may want to avoid the cameras (good luck).

Wristbands: When you arrive on the property, there is a 'Welcome' booth. There you must sign in even if you are not a contestant. Every person on the property must sign in to get a wristband. While on the property, you must wear your wristband at all times. A portion of your wristband is also your ballot for the 'people's choice' part of the cook-off. Anyone not wearing a wristband will be asked to sign in or asked to leave.

Fire: The property is in an extreme fire hazard area. We can no longer allow any open flames (except for cooking needs in the designated cook-off area), campfires, or fireworks.

Smoking: All cigarettes must be disposed of in the marked ashtrays/butt cans. Anyone found throwing cigarette butts on the ground will be asked to pick them up, anyone found throwing them in the bushes will be asked to leave.

Trash: Again, this is the Harris' home. Please throw your trash in one of the many trash cans around the property. Please do not throw your bottles, cups or cans in the bushes or trees.

Tents: If you are borrowing one of the many tents for the weekend, please drop and pack your tent up at the end of the weekend. Please put all of your bedding in the supply tent.

Swimming: Please wear swim suits or nothing at all, in the Pool, Hot Tub, or any other water feature on the property, no shoes or street clothes. No rough housing and Absolutely NO DIVING anywhere.

Restrooms: If you are staying with us for the whole weekend, you are welcome to use the showers and restrooms as you wish. There will be outhouses provided as well, please try to limit the traffic in the house restrooms if possible. When using the restrooms in the house, please clean up after yourselves.

Weapons: It should go without saying, but no weapons are allowed on the property. I promise you we have just as big of whatever you have, there is no reason to find out the hard way.

Rude and Belligerent: There is a difference between being drunk and being rude and belligerent. Anyone that is rude and belligerent will be escorted off the property. If necessary, the proper authorities will be called, even though a night wandering around in the dark cold desert alone with the coyotes and Joshua trees may be enough.

Racism: Any racism, written or spoken will not be tolerated. If you are found guilty of this, you will be turned over to the largest representative of said race, and then escorted off the property.

Fighting: No fighting with anyone. If you can not be mature enough to be able to go an entire night without getting in a scuffle, we don't want you around. You will be escorted off the property, and no matter what you think, there are way more of us than you.

Vandalism: Please no vandalism. We work hard to make the property a special place. Anyone found defacing, destroying, or generally messing things up will be escorted off the property.

We have had trouble with every one of these issues over the years. Most of them are just common sense, but after people have been drinking, sometimes they loose some of their common sense. Please help us look after each other. This is a great event, we want to keep it safe and fun for all of us for years to come.

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